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The-Doll-House is a retailer of high-end luxury sex dolls to the discerning customer, concerned with attention to detail, realism, and overall feel of their doll.

We have close business relationships with the manufacturers of these dolls, and thus alleviate the need for a wholesaler/middleman.  This allows us to save on costs, and aim to pass this cost-saving, to the customer.


The-Doll-House operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Autumn Lords Associates Ltd. and have been in business over seven years.


The-Doll-House provided me with a much needed outlet!

My wife has a healthy sex drive, and I have no complaints there, but mine is so much higher, and I didn't want to keep asking.  So I ordered a 'Angel' from The-Doll-House , and I must say the attention to detail and feel of the doll, is fantastic!

I cannot recommend them enough!  The initial cost may seem high, but the time and grief saved, is priceless!

John Lombardo - Shoreditch, London