Addeline Sanhui 156cm

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Addeline 156cm stands at 156cm/5 feet 1 inches, and her facial expressions, imply innocence and chastity.
The photoshoot images above are of this actual Sanhui 156cm Doll, in Olive Skin Colour with an Addeline Head.
She is reduced due to a loose right leg/hip - see video below.

Addeline 156cm has a very sweet Western look, and mannerisms to reflect that, and has movable eyes.

Addeline 156cm is well suited to many different outfits and facial make-up.
Her body is athletic in shape, bountiful chest, with a realistic athletic torso, and legs. 

Addeline 156cm is a 100% solid sex doll, made from Silicone,  with a metal skeleton contained therein.

Total Height: 156cm/ 5' 1"
Weight: 30kg/66 lb

Bust: 78cm/30.7 in
Waist: 54cm /21.5 in
Hips: 81cm/32 in

Upper Chest Circumference: 66cm/26 in
Lower Chest Circumference: 60cm/23.6 in
Shoulder Width: 33cm/13 in
Torso Length (Shoulder to vagina): 52cm/20.5 in
Thigh Circumference: 45.5cm/18 in
Calf Circumference: 29cm/11.5 in

Length of Leg (Vagina to Base of Foot): 81.5cm/32 in
Length of Foot: 22cm/8.66 in
Shoe Size: UK size 3.5, EU size 36-37, US/CA Size 6 or slightly larger

Package Size: 160cm x 51cm x 40cm/(4' 10'') x (1' 6'') x (1' 2.5'')

Oral Depth: 10cm/4"
Vagina Depth: 18cm/7"
Anal Depth: 14cm/6"

Interactive Areas: O/FV/A - Oral, Fixed Vaginal and Anal.

Video of 156cm Sanhui Olive Skin

Slighly loose right leg (hip.)
The doll is still very posable, and can stand.