Unique Piper Dolls

Piper Doll are a brand underneath the umbrella of Doll Forever, of which DollHouse 168 also sit under.
They are a Taiwanese based company but have factories for each brand in mainland China.

Piper Doll produce dolls with a fixed head, so the heads are not interchangeable. 
However, this does mean that there is no seam/gap where the neck meets the head!
So much greater realism.

150cm Dolls

Eirian 150cm 

Height: 150cm/ 59", Weight: 29.3kg/ 64.6lbs, B-W-H: 77-48-80cm/ 30-19-31.5"
£1,650 ​- Free Delivery

160cm Dolls

Miyuki 160cm 

Height: 160cm/ 63", Weight: 31.5kg/ 69.5lbs, B/W/H: 85-50-82cm/ 33.5-19.7-32.3"
£1,775 ​- Free Delivery

Beth 160cm Plus

Height: 160cm/ 63", Weight: 38kg/ 83.7lbs, B/W/H: 87-53-91cm/ 34.2-20.8-35.8"
£1,850 ​- Free Delivery