Pubic Hair for Love Dolls/Sex Dolls

Pubic Hair Colour and Style for Love Dolls/Sex Dolls

There are many possible options for the pubic hair of your sex doll/love doll.

There is the obvious option of no pubic hair - which is the default option for a sex doll/love doll. Should you wish your sex doll to sport some pubic hair, then the length, colour and style will need to be agreed.

Colours are traditionally: Black or Brown

Lengths are traditionally: Long or Short

Styles depend on the manufacturer, please check the page of the doll you are interested in buying.

Should these options prove insufficient for you, then customisations are available. Simply contact us through the contact us form to gather your exact requirements, so we can cost the customisations you require, and we can arrange this for you. 

Pubic Hair Patches can be purchased here