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Samantha doll head is for 158cm-167cm DS Doll bodies.

She has Elf ears, so will attract the Cosplay community.

She has a delicate appearance, and realistic fantasy features. She always seems to be in a state of wonder and delight.

Samantha has an open mouth with teeth and tongue, but is NOT capable of the Oral Sex function, yet capable of Vaginal and Anal sex functions.

Pictures above use the 167cm body with pink skin.
Please note that Samantha has Elven (pointed) ears.

  • Head Circumference: 53cm
  • Head Length: 22cm
  • Head Weight: 1.7Kg
  • Eyes: 24mm

Body Type

The Body Types available are:

  • Body Type 160cm
  • Body Type 160cm Plus
  • Body Type 158cm
  • Body Type 158cm Plus
  • Body Type 163cm
  • Body Type 163cm Plus
  • Body Type 167cm - Extra £350

Skin Colour

The skin colour of the doll comes in four flavours:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Brown
The Skin colour has no effect upon the cost of the doll.

Joints Type

There are two kinds of joints with DS Dolls: 
  • The fixable joint is tight and posable - important if you need the doll in a position unsupported (example - doggie style).  

    Tight Joints that can be positioned, and are stiff enough to bear the weight of the doll
  • The loose joint is soft, very easy to move, but can not fix a pose - seems more lifelike initially, but cannot strike a pose unsupported. 

    loose Joints that can be positioned, but are not stiff enough to bear the weight of the doll


There are four basic options for the hair of your doll:

  • Black Short
  • Black Long
  • Brown Short
  • Brown Long


Fingers have two options:
Fingers with bones
movable & posable.
Fingers with bones can be positioned, and will remain there
Fingers without bones
Movable, but not posable.

Fingers without bones can be positioned, but will NPT remain there


Two main options for nails (both fingers & toes):

  • Painted on nails - image of nails painted onto fingers/toes
  • Physical fingernails - attached to the fingers/toes

Pubic Hair

There are five options for the kind of Pubic Hair for your doll:

  • None
  • Brown Hair Short - £60 extra
  • Brown Hair Long - £60 extra
  • Black Hair short - £60 extra
  • Black Hair Long - £60 extra