Delivery times for Love Dolls/Sex Dolls

General Delivery Times

Please Note: All EU orders will be delivered to The-Doll-House, for checking, and to ensure that all Import Duties & Taxes are paid, prior to couriering onto the customer!
There are no hidden costs when purchasing from The-Doll-House - The price on the Website is all that you pay.

Orders outside of the European Union will be subject to import duties and taxes at the rate set in that country.


Delivery Time

14-31 Days
14-31 Days Approx.
21 Days Approx.
21 Days Approx.

Delivery times can vary depending upon the complexity of the order and number of dolls ordered.

The typical times from order to construction can be up to 7-days.

Once the order has commenced production can take 7-14 days. If the Doll specification is very typical, there is the possibility that the factory may hold that model in 'floating' stock. This would reduce the production time to 1-3 days. This is of course, at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Upon completion the delivery time is typically 7-14 days.

WM-Dolls Delivery times

WM-Dolls use high quality simulation software in order to produce the life-like body/face models using the latest environmentally safe material (TPE ThermoPlastic Elastomers.)  WM-Dolls adopt an advanced unique production process, that enables the feel of smooth and delicate skin, with more elasticity than flesh, and yet, a very human skin feel and realistic visual appeal.

All materials involved in the process were compliant with National Health & Safety Standard which is harmless to human health and is environmental friendly.

Due to these reasons, the production phase can take some time.

So Customers are respectfully requested to expect a delivery time of 14-31 days from Order to Delivery for their Doll(s).
Of course customers do not want the "sex doll" on the paperwork, so the paperwork will declare the doll "mannequin(s)."

DS-Dolls Delivery times

As we receive your order, an email confirmation is sent, confirming receipt, the doll order details, price, shipping fee and payment in the email.

The doll manufacturng process will take 2-3 weeks, including the skin colour and make up.

No refunds once production has begun.

The delivery phase should be approximately 10 days.

So DS-Doll purchasing customers should expect a total delivery time of 14-31 days.

For a few countries the international shipping may not give door to door service and it may go to the closest Customs clearing office to your location, which may be your nearest airport. If this is the case, when the doll arrives you will be contacted by the shipping company.  Of course customers do not want the "sex doll" on the paperwork, so the paperwork will declare the doll "mannequin(s)."