TPE Solvent - Repair Glue.

TPE repair solvent from WM Dolls

Please Note - This product is delivered to the EU only.

This TPE repair kit contains one 20ml vial/container of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Solvent.
To be very clear, this is a solvent, NOT a glue, and is for TPE love sex dolls only.

If this solvent is used on silicone love sex dolls, it will be ineffective.

The solvent, will dissolve the TPE on both sides of the tear/cut, and begin to reform the TPE as one unbroken area of TPE. 
If applied correcctly, (please view the below videos) there will be no visible join between the two previously separate areas of TPE (as typically seen when using cyanoacrylate/superglue or adhesives.)

Once again, please view the below videos for correct and incorrect ways to apply the solvent, and please be aware that VERY LITTLE is required to repair a doll, and one container of this solvent, should last in excess of year (if not longer.)

Video - Incorrect Use of Solvent

Video - Correct Use of TPE Solvent